NoMen 5″ single on Topplers


It’s weird and wonderful! A 5 inch, square, clear record cut by the amazing wizards at in Arizona.


Each package comes with a CD copy in case you prefer a nice clean digital sound rather than the authentic crackling vinyl!
The whole package is in a gatefold card sleeve with a booklet containing original linocut art and the cover designer has done a special print which will be signed, numbered and given away with the first 20 copies of the package!



New NoMen release on 5″ vinyl!

The Bomb - Cover

This is the cover for a new vinyl package coming out soon on Topplers Records. It is a lathe cut disc that is 5 inches in size and square!!! It sounds bizarre but they look and sound great! The unusual disc comes in a card gatefold sleeve with a booklet containing more linocut illustrations by Allan NoMan. The four tracks on the vinyl are The Bomb, One Shot Rocket, I’d Be Better Off Dead and The Bomb 2. The songs are short, sharp stabs of ear piercing rock! Each package also contains a CD version of the above tracks and two bonus songs as well.

Info on release date will be posted soon either here or on the Topplers webpage or on Facebook.

Black Christian Rock!!!

The NoMen have been doing some New Year Spring Cleaning and discovered two albums that have been left on the shelf since 2010. Pop over to Bandcamp to download them both for Free!

Firstly we have the BLACKalbum.

The Darkest and heaviest NoMen album yet! These tracks have been around since the end of 2010 but they didn’t fit in with any of our other release so have been left on the shelf. Now we feel the world is ready for the Dark Side of the NoMen!

The collection starts of with “Who Ya Kiddin” a dense heavy metal two chord riff over sledgehammer drums. George NoMan manages to tell a tale of despair and self destruction over the heavy metal thunder! Next up is a cover of Psychic Television’s ‘Unclean’ which starts of gently and builds into sludgy, monolithic metal riffing dropping in and out of focus like a King Tubby dub engineered by a troll in an opiate trance! Jamie NoMan doesn’t sing very often but when he does it’s always a hit! “I Can Hear The Voices But I Don’t Know What They Mean” is a disturbing track that maybe gives us an un-nerving insight into what goes on inside his head…
“Terence Ruddy” is a friend of ours who supplied us with his liquid light collection for our live TV special. This song started out as a cover of a Japanese underground song (Do Not Compromise by Inryou Fuen) but we couldn’t play it properly and for some bizarre reason it morphed into a chant of Terence’s name over a pulsing bass and drum pattern which stops and starts like Neu having a mental breakdown! The title track of this collection finishes on a slightly lighter note… It’s a tribal journey to redemption held together by a solid beat and almost tuneful wahwah and bass interplay. Brian NoMan takes the lead  vocal on this one though he seems to be channelling the spirit of Geronimo!

There are only 5 songs on the album but it clocks in at 45 minutes so be patient when downloading! It was recorded in November and December 2010 and May 2011 then mixed and Edited on December 31st 2011.

 I can hear them talking, I can hear them scream. I can hear the voices but I don’t know what they mean!

Warm Are The Sounds

Warm are the Sounds

In stark contrast to the Black album we have a collection of Christian and other ‘spiritual’ music. Many of these tracks were originally by artists on the wonderfully bizarre Emblem Record label who operated from a small village in Scotland during the late sixties and early seventies. See our previous blog for more details…

Both these albums can be downloaded free from BandCamp and come with PDF booklets with track details and pictures etc.

Psycho Deli : Now available FREE from BandCamp!


Psycho Deli was the first album recorded by the current line-up of the NoMen i.e Allan, Brian, Jamie and George. It was recorded at Topplers Studio between February and April 2010.
Videos for each track were made and posted on the NoMen’s YOUTUBE channel.
The full album, regarded by many as the NoMen’s best, is now available to download from BandCamp and is, as always, completely free!

Psycho Deli by The NoMen.
Psycho Deli by The NoMen (2010)

The album was a mix of obscure cover versions and a couple of ‘originals’. There is a vaguely psychedelic sixties feel to much of Psycho Deli and George NoMan had just read Julian Cope’s “Japrock Sampler” and was beginning to experiment with writing in the style of Les Raillizes DeNudes (or, as we later found out, blatantly copying Les Raillizes DeNudes!!!)

The above two videos show the influence of LRD on the 2010 NoMen.



The Apprentice of Agnes Moorehead






Agnes Moorhead
The Apprentice of Agnes Moorehead




Steve Treatment will always be remembered for his classic singles from the late 70’s but his best songs never got released. The NoMen got in touch with him in 2003 and were given access to his archive of home recordings. They released their first collection of Steve Treatment songs in 2003 and in 2006 returned to the pile and came out with this album.


Download Agnes Moorehead album
Agnes Moorhead was an American actress best known for her role in ‘Bewitched’. Steve was obsessed with making smutty jokes about her surname and he named the album which was originally released as a very limited edition CD featuring the NoMen album plus a companion CD which had recordings of the same songs (and more) by Steve himself.

The whole album was recorded at a time when there were only two NoMen; George and Allan. It was recorded using Garageband and relied heavily on the built in drum sounds of the programme. Unfortunately the only ‘beat’ we were able to play along with was the ‘standard 4/4 rock beat’ which is used on every other track!!! Despite this the album has a rich and varied sound and the songs vary from tender ballads to out-and-out freak-outs with some good old fashioned rock’n’rolling and psychedelic soundscapes! Download Agnes Moorehead album

Vanish – This is the same version that is on Steve Treatment’s 2005 single on Topplers but this has NoMen doing the vocals.
The World is Blue – A really old song by Steve. The NoMen edited it down from the 9 minutes of Steve’s original to about three! It’s a sweet blend of pop and smooth tijuana horns!
Are You Cunning? – A throwaway sketch on one of the recent Steve Treatment demo tapes. The NoMen rock it up!
The Shine on Your Crown – One of Steve’s loveliest songs… for his partner. The NoMen add extra sugar!
Ingrowing Toenail – An absolute classic from Steve’s early years. The NoMen ladle on the T Rex sound and go all Shakin’ Stevens on the vocals!!! It has the ubiquitous backwards guitar solo!
Two Brothers – Steve wrote this for his friends Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks from Swell Maps shortly after Nikki’s death in 2005. Once again the NoMen go all Rock’nRoll guitar hero after a folky intro!
I Hate Reunions – Sweet, semi-psychedelic ballad. Similar in sound to Black Sabbath’s ‘Planet Caravan’ from the Paranoid album!
I Don’t Cry at Funerals – Another newish song. Kind of a garage rock thing…
7 Day Psalm – samples, loops and lashings of echo… more sonic weirdness from the NoMen. Brian NoMan pitched in with the loops and some guitar on this track.
The Treatment – another version of a song from the Steve Treatment 7″ on Topplers, although this was one of Steve’s earliest songs. The NoMen do this in a velvety latin style!!!
All My Friends Are in the News – Another of Steve’s sweet ballads.
Cabinet of Disciples – this is an almighty noise… but sometimes that is what the NoMen do best!
(+bonus track!)


Download Agnes Moorehead album


Get a FREE compilation CD!

Topplers Free See Dee
Topplers Free See Dee

Finally available! This free CD comes in a 12pp A5 glossy magazine and is free (apart from the postage!) Click the pic to go to the topplers site.

Tracks include the NoMen “Don’t Worry” which is a 10 minute Japrock, stoner freak-out! Also includes tracks by Dan Melchior, Phones Sportsman, Novellor, Jowe Head, Gang, Armedalite Rifles, The Knockouts etc etc etc

Back to the Start!!

Today we are uploading the very first NoMen recording. ‘The Keys to Talgarth Road’ is a collection of Steve Tretment songs arranged and played by the NoMen.


The Keys to Talgarth Road CD

Steve Treatment was one of the pioneers of DIY punk in the late seventies and the three 7″ singles he release at that time are all time classics. Steve’s early recordings can be purchased on a double CD released by Hyped2Death Records and his recordings from 2003 onwards are available on Topplers Records.

This download includes sleeve notes and photos which were not on the 2003 CD.


Adobo á Gogo!


The NoMen’s third official album of 2010!
There are 11 tracks on this album with an equal mix of covers and original songs. This album also features the saxophone playing of  Claire NoMan on the free-form rocker “Let Me In!” Covers include The Monks, The Television Personalities, Ween and Spaceman 3. The originals range from the flat-out  Spazz rock of “Yimo” to contemplative ballads like “The Evil That Men Do” which also features Claire NoMan on vocals. The album artwork comes with a handy recipe for Lamb Adobo, a delicious Philippine dish.


Half Satan

This isn’t really the NoMen but at least two members of the NoMen were involved!


Recorded in 2005 or 2006, we never knew what do do with this dark, brooding and slightly disturbing soundscape. 5 years later it sounds like the best album ever! It was originally recorded, edited and mixed as one continuous piece lasting 33.3 minutes (half of 666 = Half Satan!) Somewhere along the line we have lost about 4 minutes as this version only lasts 29 minites and 20 seconds! If we find the missing minutes I will repost the album!

It sounds electronic but is actually recorded with standard electric guitars and all sorts of found percussion . The distinctive sizzling sound is a potato scone being fried!

Here is a video which might make up for the missing 4 mins!!!


Back to the Rubber Room


As soon as the Psycho Deli album was finished The NoMen embarked on some recordings which developed into the “Rubber Room” album. This collection is slightly more ‘classic rock’ than previous NoMen recordings!!! They started with a reworking of Screaming Lord Sutches ‘L-O-N-D-O-N’ and the Stones’ ‘Citadel” (both of which share the same riff) and moved onto Chris Speddings classic ‘Motorbiking’ before experimenting with the sound of Alan Vega and the Cramps. There are more original songs on this album than is usual for the NoMen and even their own songs have a 1960s psychedelic rock vibe except for ‘Meat Hustler’ which is something like the Violent Femmes with a stoned Lou Reed on vocals!!!