104 Years of Solid Gold Music!

For no particular reason the NoMen have selected tracks from 1907 to the present day (2011). The only reason our selection starts at 1907 is that the oldest recording in Allan NoMan’s LP collection is from that date. Listeners who are easily offended might want to skip this track as it contains the “N” word and is possibly even sung by a minstrel in ‘blackface’. You have been warned!

Other highlights include a 15 year old Suzi Quatro singing the praises of alcohol and early death!!! We have a couple of tracks from the massively overlooked Sixto Rodriguez who’s 1969 album Cold Fact is a sneering, Dylanesque classic. The track we have chosen isn’t a real representation of the rest of the album but it’s in the fuzzed-out garage style the NoMen love! The other Rodriguez track is the 2003 cover version of Sugarman performed by David Holmes with additional vocals by a 60 year old Rodriguez!
There is some thinly disguised Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Peaches both indulging in some Alan Vega styled electronic rock’n’roll, and even some Yoko Ono getting into some straight forward rocking from 1971.
Another band who are often overlooked in British rock history is Stray who’s first two albums are brilliant. They are probably overlooked because everything else they ever did was shit! The track we play is the massive opening epic to their 1971 album ‘Suicide’ which verges on over-the-top prog but keeps it’s head above the water with it’s glam rock guitar and fuzzy mellotrons!
This is the twelfth NoMen show and we’ve never played any banjo tunes. Shocking!! To rectify the matter we start this show with what is arguably Earl Scruggs finest fingerpickin’ five string assault on his banjo… Randy Lynn Rag. There’s another bit of banjo picking later on in the show.

Flatt and Scruggs – Randy Lynn Rag, 1957
The Pleasure Seekers – What a Way to Die, 1964
The Poppy Family  – Free From The City, 1969
Yoko Ono – Midsummer New York, 1971
In Deep – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, 1982
May Irwin – The Bully of the Town, 1907
David Holmes – Sugarman, 2003
Rodriguez – Only Good For Conversation, 1969
Peaches – Tombstone Baby, 2003
Sci-fi Sex Stars (Sigue Sigue Sputnik) – Rockit Miss USA, 1986
The MC5  – Looking at You (original),1968
 Jim Eanes – Log Cabin  in the Lane, 1959
Fitzroy & Harry – Reggae Sounds Are Boss,  1970
Michigan and Smiley  – Nice Up The Dance, 1979
The Sound Dimension – Real Rock, 1969
Blind Willie Johnston – Praise God I’m Satisfied, 1929
Steve Treatment – NoMen FM Jingle, 2011
Stray – Son of the Father, 1971
Love Ink  – Rock On, 2011

There hasn’t been any reggae featured on our shows so far so we bring you the might ‘Reggae Sounds Are Boss’ from 1970 on the PAMA label plus a couple of Studio One, Coxsonne Dodd productions. To round off the show with something brand new we feature Love Ink doing a version of David Essex’ sublime 1972 hit ‘Rock On.’
Listen to the show here… and leave a message or a comment telling us what you think!