FREE NoMen compilation!!!

The ‘Active Listener’ NoMen compilation has just been re-released as a FREE download

NoMen Comp 2014

This is a good starting point to discover the many faces of the NoMen… Most of the tracks come from 2010 onwards and, at present, this is the only place to hear tracks from many deleted NoMen albums. Get your copy soon before this wonderful archive disappears and while you’re there check out all the other bands on the Active Listeners page (and download some of their free psychedelic compilations!)

NoMen 5″ single on Topplers


It’s weird and wonderful! A 5 inch, square, clear record cut by the amazing wizards at in Arizona.


Each package comes with a CD copy in case you prefer a nice clean digital sound rather than the authentic crackling vinyl!
The whole package is in a gatefold card sleeve with a booklet containing original linocut art and the cover designer has done a special print which will be signed, numbered and given away with the first 20 copies of the package!



Escape Reality with the NEW NoMen album!

In the current economic climate and prevailing social conditions we all need to escape reality once in a while. The NoMen can help you escape! Just in time to fill a loved one’s Christmas stocking we have released our new bumper, fun packed CD album. (release date 1st December)

The album is called “Escape Reality with the NoMen” and it contains sixteen tracks of semi-psychedelic rocking. As usual this is a limited edition CD in a stylish sleeve created by the maestro of modern psychedelic art, Dale Simpson. The first few copies will be even more limited as they contain a bonus CD containing 10 other songs recorded around the same sessions as the main album. The bonus CD also contains the recent tracks we have done for ‘The Active Listener’ compilations and You Tube videos. It also has the mind-bending 18 minute onslaught of Brainwashed. The album will be available from 1st December on Bandcamp and

UK price for the double CD is only £5.99 while stocks last. Price for the digital download will be up to you with a minimum of £3! (Bonus CD will NOT be available as a download)

Summer Solstice – Free Album

Free Psychedelic Album

The NoMen have a track on an excellent (and FREE) compilation available to download now at the link above.  It is compiled by Valis for the excellent Blog and Radio Show “Trip Inside This House.”

The NoMen’s track was held back from their own “Trip Around the World with The NoMen” album available FREE on BandCamp. The track and a short vocal version has now been reinstated to the album so you can now download either the full album or just the new tracks if you’ve downloaded it already.

Check out all the other bands on the compilation… info on most of them can be found on the Blog.

Free Psychedelic Album

New Recordings and extended radio show!

The NoMen are heading for a meltdown as the end of year approaches! Last week they completed a selection of new recordings some of which can be heard on their current MixCloud Radio Show.

A few weeks ago we mentioned that the NoMen had been interviewed for “Trip Inside This House” a radio show on KDHX 88.1 broadcasting out of St Louis USA. The band had been asked for their top ten psychedelic songs and all four members chose their favourites… Jamie NoMan quite rightly chose EVERY TRACK from the KLF Chill Out album as his top ten! Although the intrviewer Valis played a couple of the tracks on his radio show the NoMen tried to play ALL their choices on MixCloud which turned into a two hour psychedelic spectacular which includes…
Caleb, The Holy Modal Rounders, The Nazz, Madonna, Neu, Lez Raillises DeNudes, The Cobblers, Psychic TV, KLF, The Stooges, Prince, The Music Machine, Miller and more more more!

The NoMen live radio session features Allan, Brian, George and Jamie NoMen blasting out cover versions of ‘That Man’ by The Small Faces, ‘Teen Angel’ by Donovan, ‘Nevertheless’ by The Ruttles and ‘Big Boy’ by Sparks.

Tune in here…

The Session tracks will be tidied up and released through BandCamp shortly.

Adobo á Gogo!


The NoMen’s third official album of 2010!
There are 11 tracks on this album with an equal mix of covers and original songs. This album also features the saxophone playing of  Claire NoMan on the free-form rocker “Let Me In!” Covers include The Monks, The Television Personalities, Ween and Spaceman 3. The originals range from the flat-out  Spazz rock of “Yimo” to contemplative ballads like “The Evil That Men Do” which also features Claire NoMan on vocals. The album artwork comes with a handy recipe for Lamb Adobo, a delicious Philippine dish.


Half Satan

This isn’t really the NoMen but at least two members of the NoMen were involved!


Recorded in 2005 or 2006, we never knew what do do with this dark, brooding and slightly disturbing soundscape. 5 years later it sounds like the best album ever! It was originally recorded, edited and mixed as one continuous piece lasting 33.3 minutes (half of 666 = Half Satan!) Somewhere along the line we have lost about 4 minutes as this version only lasts 29 minites and 20 seconds! If we find the missing minutes I will repost the album!

It sounds electronic but is actually recorded with standard electric guitars and all sorts of found percussion . The distinctive sizzling sound is a potato scone being fried!

Here is a video which might make up for the missing 4 mins!!!


Back to the Rubber Room


As soon as the Psycho Deli album was finished The NoMen embarked on some recordings which developed into the “Rubber Room” album. This collection is slightly more ‘classic rock’ than previous NoMen recordings!!! They started with a reworking of Screaming Lord Sutches ‘L-O-N-D-O-N’ and the Stones’ ‘Citadel” (both of which share the same riff) and moved onto Chris Speddings classic ‘Motorbiking’ before experimenting with the sound of Alan Vega and the Cramps. There are more original songs on this album than is usual for the NoMen and even their own songs have a 1960s psychedelic rock vibe except for ‘Meat Hustler’ which is something like the Violent Femmes with a stoned Lou Reed on vocals!!!