The NoMen find God!

The NoMen find God???? Well, not really… but here is their collection of Christian Rock records.

Most of the songs on this collection are based on releases by the Scottish Christian label EMBLEM RECORDS which operated throughout the sixties and seventies bringing out some real rubbish and some absolute psychedelic classics!

Look through your local charity shops for LPs by The Cobblers, Gospelfolk, The Sharons etc. You can download and read about some of these recordings here…

The CobblersThe GospelfolkThe SharonsMore Cobblers

Check out these guys!

The Emblem method was characterised by a total lack of sympathy towards the sound of the band!  You rarely hear such bad recordings of rock music but somehow that gives it a special charm. The songs are usually half hearted praises to Jesus done in a sixties ‘beat’ style but every so often, as with The Sharons and The Gospelfolk, they hit a whole different fuzzed-out vibe which the Velvet Underground, The Doors and the best of the Garage Punk bands would be proud of!!!

The Cobblers LP is just out of this world mixing lounge music with folk-psyche and Jim Morrison styled epics!

Warm Are The Sounds

The NoMen do their own versions of songs by The Cobblers, Sharons, Gospelfolk and others. Look out for the very scary sermon done in the style of Mrs Seth Sykes…

Mrs Seth Sykes
Mrs Seth Sykes

There are also semi-religious covers of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and George Harrison!!! Ten tracks in all plus lyrics and notes!

This collection will be available to download from BandCamp soon