More Radio – Stavros the Dalek!!!

The NoMen are back on their radio station at MixCloud with another mixed bag of goodies! After clearing up the bottles left by last weeks guest presenter Steve Treatment we have another guest presenter this week who goes by the name of “Stavros the Dalek!


Dr. Who – BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Witch – The Rattles
Lucifer Sam – Pink Floyd
The Mummy – Bob Mcfadden
A spooky start to the show… 

Hollywood Freaks – Beck
Baby Boy – Richard Harris
Noude Ma Gnin Tche De Me – Orchestre Poly Rhythmo Do Cotonou
Rattlin’ Roarin’ Wullie – Mr Luggs
How Does It Feel – The Creation
Past Present Future – Shangri Las
The Breaking Hands – The Gun Club
Hully Gully Guitar – The Percells
Fraternity Row – The Lady Bug
The Percells does not have Duane Eddy on guitar, nor was the singer his wife, girlfriend or mum as Brian NoMan says on the show! The ‘Lady Bugs’ is a Girls in the Garage classic! The girls are American and they are supposed to be singing in a Liverpool accent but they sound more Chinese!!!

Eye-Shaking King – Amon Düül
Poptones – PIL
I’ve Got My Car And TV – Faust
Jim’ll Fix It Theme – BBC Orchestra

Anyway, theNoMen have just finished recording a new session of four or five songs that will be broadcast on next weeks NoMen FM show. There are cover versions of Donavan, The Small Faces, Sparks and a couple of originals as well… should be interesting!?! Tune in!