FREE NoMen compilation!!!

The ‘Active Listener’ NoMen compilation has just been re-released as a FREE download

NoMen Comp 2014

This is a good starting point to discover the many faces of the NoMen… Most of the tracks come from 2010 onwards and, at present, this is the only place to hear tracks from many deleted NoMen albums. Get your copy soon before this wonderful archive disappears and while you’re there check out all the other bands on the Active Listeners page (and download some of their free psychedelic compilations!)

Ramases Box Set

This fantastic box set popped through the NoMen’s letter box today!

Ramases box

It’s a five CD box of everything that 1970s UK psychedelic duo RAMASES recorded. Although Ramases only released two official albums this set has managed to fill out the  catalogue with a variety of obscure singles and out-takes all of which add to the legend of this obscure and under appreciated artist.
The NoMen were asked to be a part of this project when they posted a video of their cover version of the Ramases song ‘Earth People’ onto YouTube and it was seen by Peter Stormare the head of StormVox records.

We recommend this box set to anyone with an interest in the weird and wonderful world of UK psyche!

Here is the full version of the NoMen’s version…

NoMen 5″ single on Topplers


It’s weird and wonderful! A 5 inch, square, clear record cut by the amazing wizards at in Arizona.


Each package comes with a CD copy in case you prefer a nice clean digital sound rather than the authentic crackling vinyl!
The whole package is in a gatefold card sleeve with a booklet containing original linocut art and the cover designer has done a special print which will be signed, numbered and given away with the first 20 copies of the package!



The NoMen on E!!!

Way back in 2004 George NoMan made a couple of ‘solo’ albums for the short lived ‘Topplers Value’ record label under the name of ‘The Madness of Crowds’. These albums were Krautrock inspired ambient soundscapes and were long forgotten until this year when the NoMen reconstructed the original recordings and used elements of them to create backing tracks to jam along with using all the FX pedals and synths they have acquired over the past 10 years.

When local psychedelic lensman Terence Ruddy suggested holding a free-form freak-out at his Space Rock Cottage the NoMen jumped at the chance and decided to do an improvised version of “On E”. The performance was recorded for broadcast on Ear Spook Radio and filmed by the band for future release.

He’ll Have to Go! The NoMen do Jim Reeves

This song might be outside the normal genres of music that the NoMen cover but it is a classic!
Jim Reeves recorded it in October 1959 and it became one of country music’s biggest hits ever. The song, written by Joe and Audrey Allison, was inspired after the couple was having difficulty communicating by telephone. Audrey had a soft voice and was unable to speak up so her husband could adequately hear her, so Joe would have his wife place the receiver closer to her mouth.

George NoMan wanted to record the song after seeing Harry Dean Stanton on YouTube singing it at his 80th birthday party. Allan NoMan was dubious as this song was one of the few ‘pop’ songs that his mother loved. Insted of playing it straight the NoMan did it electronically then swamped it in echo guitars creating an eerie, haunting sound.

The video features old Harry Dean Stanton singing the song at his birthday party!

Ways to Annoy the Devil

Look out for a new mini album from The NoMen shortly… “Ways to Annoy the Devil” is a seven track assault to the senses. More news soon…

Ways to Annoy the Devil
Ways to Annoy the Devil

Also… as mentioned before, this is the NoMen’s tenth year as a band and a special anniversary ‘Greatest Hits’ is in production. A tenth anniversary is a TIN anniversary so the CD will be packaged in a PIL like metal box along with a book illustrating the countless albums the band have released over the past decade. A limited issue version of the NoMen’s first album will also be released with some extra remixed material and other anniversary specials are also being considered… watch this space!



Escape Reality with the NEW NoMen album!

In the current economic climate and prevailing social conditions we all need to escape reality once in a while. The NoMen can help you escape! Just in time to fill a loved one’s Christmas stocking we have released our new bumper, fun packed CD album. (release date 1st December)

The album is called “Escape Reality with the NoMen” and it contains sixteen tracks of semi-psychedelic rocking. As usual this is a limited edition CD in a stylish sleeve created by the maestro of modern psychedelic art, Dale Simpson. The first few copies will be even more limited as they contain a bonus CD containing 10 other songs recorded around the same sessions as the main album. The bonus CD also contains the recent tracks we have done for ‘The Active Listener’ compilations and You Tube videos. It also has the mind-bending 18 minute onslaught of Brainwashed. The album will be available from 1st December on Bandcamp and

UK price for the double CD is only £5.99 while stocks last. Price for the digital download will be up to you with a minimum of £3! (Bonus CD will NOT be available as a download)

NoMen Radio Session 22nd November

Sorry for the short notice but the NoMen will be doing a 4 track session on KA Radio which broadcasts from Kilmarnock. It will be part of the EAR SPOOK show presented by Gav Mitchell between 10pm and midnight. The session will start part two of the show around 11pm. You can tune in online at
After the live broadcast the shows are archived on MixCloud so you should be able to access it from Friday at
The Ear Spook show plays extreme, obscure and brand new music from all genres and is well worth tuning in to.

104 Years of Solid Gold Music!

For no particular reason the NoMen have selected tracks from 1907 to the present day (2011). The only reason our selection starts at 1907 is that the oldest recording in Allan NoMan’s LP collection is from that date. Listeners who are easily offended might want to skip this track as it contains the “N” word and is possibly even sung by a minstrel in ‘blackface’. You have been warned!

Other highlights include a 15 year old Suzi Quatro singing the praises of alcohol and early death!!! We have a couple of tracks from the massively overlooked Sixto Rodriguez who’s 1969 album Cold Fact is a sneering, Dylanesque classic. The track we have chosen isn’t a real representation of the rest of the album but it’s in the fuzzed-out garage style the NoMen love! The other Rodriguez track is the 2003 cover version of Sugarman performed by David Holmes with additional vocals by a 60 year old Rodriguez!
There is some thinly disguised Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Peaches both indulging in some Alan Vega styled electronic rock’n’roll, and even some Yoko Ono getting into some straight forward rocking from 1971.
Another band who are often overlooked in British rock history is Stray who’s first two albums are brilliant. They are probably overlooked because everything else they ever did was shit! The track we play is the massive opening epic to their 1971 album ‘Suicide’ which verges on over-the-top prog but keeps it’s head above the water with it’s glam rock guitar and fuzzy mellotrons!
This is the twelfth NoMen show and we’ve never played any banjo tunes. Shocking!! To rectify the matter we start this show with what is arguably Earl Scruggs finest fingerpickin’ five string assault on his banjo… Randy Lynn Rag. There’s another bit of banjo picking later on in the show.

Flatt and Scruggs – Randy Lynn Rag, 1957
The Pleasure Seekers – What a Way to Die, 1964
The Poppy Family  – Free From The City, 1969
Yoko Ono – Midsummer New York, 1971
In Deep – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, 1982
May Irwin – The Bully of the Town, 1907
David Holmes – Sugarman, 2003
Rodriguez – Only Good For Conversation, 1969
Peaches – Tombstone Baby, 2003
Sci-fi Sex Stars (Sigue Sigue Sputnik) – Rockit Miss USA, 1986
The MC5  – Looking at You (original),1968
 Jim Eanes – Log Cabin  in the Lane, 1959
Fitzroy & Harry – Reggae Sounds Are Boss,  1970
Michigan and Smiley  – Nice Up The Dance, 1979
The Sound Dimension – Real Rock, 1969
Blind Willie Johnston – Praise God I’m Satisfied, 1929
Steve Treatment – NoMen FM Jingle, 2011
Stray – Son of the Father, 1971
Love Ink  – Rock On, 2011

There hasn’t been any reggae featured on our shows so far so we bring you the might ‘Reggae Sounds Are Boss’ from 1970 on the PAMA label plus a couple of Studio One, Coxsonne Dodd productions. To round off the show with something brand new we feature Love Ink doing a version of David Essex’ sublime 1972 hit ‘Rock On.’
Listen to the show here… and leave a message or a comment telling us what you think!

More Radio – Stavros the Dalek!!!

The NoMen are back on their radio station at MixCloud with another mixed bag of goodies! After clearing up the bottles left by last weeks guest presenter Steve Treatment we have another guest presenter this week who goes by the name of “Stavros the Dalek!


Dr. Who – BBC Radiophonic Workshop
The Witch – The Rattles
Lucifer Sam – Pink Floyd
The Mummy – Bob Mcfadden
A spooky start to the show… 

Hollywood Freaks – Beck
Baby Boy – Richard Harris
Noude Ma Gnin Tche De Me – Orchestre Poly Rhythmo Do Cotonou
Rattlin’ Roarin’ Wullie – Mr Luggs
How Does It Feel – The Creation
Past Present Future – Shangri Las
The Breaking Hands – The Gun Club
Hully Gully Guitar – The Percells
Fraternity Row – The Lady Bug
The Percells does not have Duane Eddy on guitar, nor was the singer his wife, girlfriend or mum as Brian NoMan says on the show! The ‘Lady Bugs’ is a Girls in the Garage classic! The girls are American and they are supposed to be singing in a Liverpool accent but they sound more Chinese!!!

Eye-Shaking King – Amon Düül
Poptones – PIL
I’ve Got My Car And TV – Faust
Jim’ll Fix It Theme – BBC Orchestra

Anyway, theNoMen have just finished recording a new session of four or five songs that will be broadcast on next weeks NoMen FM show. There are cover versions of Donavan, The Small Faces, Sparks and a couple of originals as well… should be interesting!?! Tune in!