He’ll Have to Go! The NoMen do Jim Reeves

This song might be outside the normal genres of music that the NoMen cover but it is a classic!
Jim Reeves recorded it in October 1959 and it became one of country music’s biggest hits ever. The song, written by Joe and Audrey Allison, was inspired after the couple was having difficulty communicating by telephone. Audrey had a soft voice and was unable to speak up so her husband could adequately hear her, so Joe would have his wife place the receiver closer to her mouth.

George NoMan wanted to record the song after seeing Harry Dean Stanton on YouTube singing it at his 80th birthday party. Allan NoMan was dubious as this song was one of the few ‘pop’ songs that his mother loved. Insted of playing it straight the NoMan did it electronically then swamped it in echo guitars creating an eerie, haunting sound.

The video features old Harry Dean Stanton singing the song at his birthday party!