2012 NoMen activity…

thenomen.bandcamp.com  &  www.topplers.net
February – THE BLACKEST DAY – CD album
March – Mr NoMan – Download mini album
March – THE APPRENTICE OF AGNES MOOREHEAD – Remixed 2006 album of Steve Treatment songs
July – P**ty R**d – Download Track
July – Dr Murray Banks & the NoMen – Instrumental work in progress used as a dubby backing to a ‘sex therapy’ album from the 60s. (very limited edition. This was the blueprint for Granny Takes a Trip…)
September – SPLASHDOWN – CD album
October – GRANNY TAKES A TRIP – An updated version of the classic travelogue by Betty Duncan with music by the NoMen.
November – Ear Spook Radio Session – Four cover version recorded for the “Covers Trilogy” on Ear Spook #19 22/11/2012
December – ESCAPE REALITY WITH THE NOMEN – CD album (double album contains outtakes and other tracks recorded around the same time)
December – The NoMen’s CHRISTMAS PUDDING! – Download EP
VIDEOS – youtube.com/thenomenvideo
Cheesecake – spontaneously created and filmed at the last rehearsal of 2012.
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari – A new version of ‘Splashdown’ used as the movie soundtrack – you tube
Puffer Fish, Pretty Girl, Dum Dum Dumb, Los Ningunos Hombres, The Soldier Song & RADIO from Escape from Reality
Live Jam in June – Steve Treatment + TVP acoustic cover versions.
Dirty Yellow Mist – New recording and video
It’s Alive – from “Around the World..” album
West Not Available – New video, remix of a 2011 track
Zodiac Adventurer – Epic 30 minute ‘remix’  of a 2011 track
Re-edit of original 2004 videos for Merman Blues, Syd Barrett, New Youth Society & Follow You Down.
King Kong’s Paws – New recording and video
Piracy 2003, Tridents of Neptune, Slit Gizzard & Advert – Videos from “ Blackest Day” album
Three Steve Treatment songs by Roscoe Vacant backed by the NoMen.
SIlent Waters – NoMen track from “Blackest Day” with a video by Dale Simpson
The New Psychedelic Millennium – 49 Cigars (from Psycho Deli 2010)
Trip Inside This House, Summer Solstice Vol 5 – New Track ‘Trip Inside This House’
The Active Listener Cassette & download – Escape Reality (different mix from album version)
The Active Listener Christmas Album – Take a Fix for Christmas.
Weekly show on MixCloud – NoMen FM uploaded every Thursday night – mixcloud.com/NoMenFM
Produced Ear Spook Radio in November & December (4 track Session on show #19) – mixcloud.com/EarSpookRadio