Black Christian Rock!!!

The NoMen have been doing some New Year Spring Cleaning and discovered two albums that have been left on the shelf since 2010. Pop over to Bandcamp to download them both for Free!

Firstly we have the BLACKalbum.

The Darkest and heaviest NoMen album yet! These tracks have been around since the end of 2010 but they didn’t fit in with any of our other release so have been left on the shelf. Now we feel the world is ready for the Dark Side of the NoMen!

The collection starts of with “Who Ya Kiddin” a dense heavy metal two chord riff over sledgehammer drums. George NoMan manages to tell a tale of despair and self destruction over the heavy metal thunder! Next up is a cover of Psychic Television’s ‘Unclean’ which starts of gently and builds into sludgy, monolithic metal riffing dropping in and out of focus like a King Tubby dub engineered by a troll in an opiate trance! Jamie NoMan doesn’t sing very often but when he does it’s always a hit! “I Can Hear The Voices But I Don’t Know What They Mean” is a disturbing track that maybe gives us an un-nerving insight into what goes on inside his head…
“Terence Ruddy” is a friend of ours who supplied us with his liquid light collection for our live TV special. This song started out as a cover of a Japanese underground song (Do Not Compromise by Inryou Fuen) but we couldn’t play it properly and for some bizarre reason it morphed into a chant of Terence’s name over a pulsing bass and drum pattern which stops and starts like Neu having a mental breakdown! The title track of this collection finishes on a slightly lighter note… It’s a tribal journey to redemption held together by a solid beat and almost tuneful wahwah and bass interplay. Brian NoMan takes the lead  vocal on this one though he seems to be channelling the spirit of Geronimo!

There are only 5 songs on the album but it clocks in at 45 minutes so be patient when downloading! It was recorded in November and December 2010 and May 2011 then mixed and Edited on December 31st 2011.

 I can hear them talking, I can hear them scream. I can hear the voices but I don’t know what they mean!

Warm Are The Sounds

Warm are the Sounds

In stark contrast to the Black album we have a collection of Christian and other ‘spiritual’ music. Many of these tracks were originally by artists on the wonderfully bizarre Emblem Record label who operated from a small village in Scotland during the late sixties and early seventies. See our previous blog for more details…

Both these albums can be downloaded free from BandCamp and come with PDF booklets with track details and pictures etc.