The Seventies

Today’s NoMen radio show answers the question, “What was music like before punk in the seventies?” We focus on cheesy pop, hard rock, trippy jams and classy glam!

Would you believe that The Osmonds, the ultimate Mormon boy band, would be singing over Led Zep’s Immigrant Song riff? It’s like a mash up 30years before they were invented.
At the other end of the spectrum we have Kevin Coyne baring his soul on Marjory Razorblade and Leonard Cohen going OTT with Phil Spector. If you want straight ahead rock we have Mott the Hoople, Alice Cooper, Steve Marriott with Humble Pie and weird albino blues man Johnny Winter!
Glam rock is covered by a couple of bass driven classics from David Essex and a couple of T Rex classics not to mention the birth of electro pop from Giorgio Moroder’s Chicory Tip (see picture).
Jamaica’s dub guru Lee Perry made his best records in the 70s, but what the hell was he doing making trippy folk-prog with John Martyn?
Punk rock came along in ’76 and for a brief time cleared the airwaves of Yes, Genesis and ELP but the good bands featured here (OK, not Chicory Tip or The Osmonds) lived on and thrived until death, dodgy accountants or acting jobs made them give up!!!