Back to the Start!!

Today we are uploading the very first NoMen recording. ‘The Keys to Talgarth Road’ is a collection of Steve Tretment songs arranged and played by the NoMen.


The Keys to Talgarth Road CD

Steve Treatment was one of the pioneers of DIY punk in the late seventies and the three 7″ singles he release at that time are all time classics. Steve’s early recordings can be purchased on a double CD released by Hyped2Death Records and his recordings from 2003 onwards are available on Topplers Records.

This download includes sleeve notes and photos which were not on the 2003 CD.


Adobo á Gogo!


The NoMen’s third official album of 2010!
There are 11 tracks on this album with an equal mix of covers and original songs. This album also features the saxophone playing of  Claire NoMan on the free-form rocker “Let Me In!” Covers include The Monks, The Television Personalities, Ween and Spaceman 3. The originals range from the flat-out  Spazz rock of “Yimo” to contemplative ballads like “The Evil That Men Do” which also features Claire NoMan on vocals. The album artwork comes with a handy recipe for Lamb Adobo, a delicious Philippine dish.


Half Satan

This isn’t really the NoMen but at least two members of the NoMen were involved!


Recorded in 2005 or 2006, we never knew what do do with this dark, brooding and slightly disturbing soundscape. 5 years later it sounds like the best album ever! It was originally recorded, edited and mixed as one continuous piece lasting 33.3 minutes (half of 666 = Half Satan!) Somewhere along the line we have lost about 4 minutes as this version only lasts 29 minites and 20 seconds! If we find the missing minutes I will repost the album!

It sounds electronic but is actually recorded with standard electric guitars and all sorts of found percussion . The distinctive sizzling sound is a potato scone being fried!

Here is a video which might make up for the missing 4 mins!!!


Back to the Rubber Room


As soon as the Psycho Deli album was finished The NoMen embarked on some recordings which developed into the “Rubber Room” album. This collection is slightly more ‘classic rock’ than previous NoMen recordings!!! They started with a reworking of Screaming Lord Sutches ‘L-O-N-D-O-N’ and the Stones’ ‘Citadel” (both of which share the same riff) and moved onto Chris Speddings classic ‘Motorbiking’ before experimenting with the sound of Alan Vega and the Cramps. There are more original songs on this album than is usual for the NoMen and even their own songs have a 1960s psychedelic rock vibe except for ‘Meat Hustler’ which is something like the Violent Femmes with a stoned Lou Reed on vocals!!!


Ice Cream For Quo is an excellent magazine compiled by Stephen Fall. Issue 13 (December 2010) featured a free CD compilation by the NoMen called “NoMen-clature”

If you don’t have an Ice Cream for Quo then get one here!

DOWNLOAD “NoMen-Clature”

The compilation features tracks from the NoMen’s first album in 2003 right through to tracks from their newest ‘Adobo á Gogo’ album from 2010.

DOWNLOAD “NoMen-Clature”

NoMenClature Tracklisting…

1 I am the Son of Phones Sportsman 01:52
“A tribute to my father Phones telling the true story of my upbringing”. George NoMan wrote this back in 2003 when we started doing Swell Maps cover versions. In 2008 we actually got involved in collaborating with Phones and rerecorded this song for a split 7″ single on Topplers. The Phones Sportsman track was called “I am the Dad of George NoMan” and is available on his “May Contain Nutters” album.
2 We are the Wurm 04:08
Brian Noman’s Ringo moment! A strange tale and an intriging insight into his mind…
3 Yimmo 00:51
Ah, Jap Rock! so much to answer for… George Noman is in love with Mizutani, but dont tell anyone.. This is the shortest, and fastest, of three versions of this song that the NoMen have recorded recently.
4 The Evil That Men Do 03:34
‘All Tomorrows Parties’ for the Slowdive set…
5 We Are The Pages 05:32
Allan Noman lays out the law according to an obscure Glasgow band called The Pages. [original song by The Pages]
6 Object 03:00
Jamie Noman is a one man Ween obsessive and will tell the whole world of their genius (even though he is much better!)
[original song by Ween]
7 Germonia 04:04
Klaus Dinger and Micheal Rother are gods.. nuff said!
8 Release The Natives 04:05
Lewis Noman feels the call of the jungle and so should you..
[original song by Mark Perry/ATV]
9 49 Cigars 03:44
English psych done by Jocks.. Of course he loves it..
[original song by Nick Nicely]
10 I Don’t Want My Little Baby Back 02:32
The Wurzels always had a psychedelic edge. It just took a while to find it..
[original song by Steve Treatment]
11 Fast Wrist 04:42
The Monkees “Head” soundtrack is to blame for this Steve Treatment beauty
[original song by Steve Treatment]
12 Cheap Cheep 01:14
I got my eye on you rumproast….
[original song by Lally Scott]
13 Shoehorn 02:34
Billy and George Noman intone over Allans Super Glitterbeat! Taking it back for the Kids… [original song by Jowe Head]
14 I Hate Reunions 01:55
Black Sabbath meets the Cocteau Twins Uptown…
[original song by Steve Treatment]
15 Don’t Worry 09:04
Of course our favourite Beatle has always been Yoko Ono…
War is over if you want it….

notes by Spike Dinger, Topplers Archives


Psycho Deli : The Album.


Psycho Deli was the first album recorded by the new line-up of the NoMen i.e Allan, Brian, Jamie and George.
It was recorded at Topplers Studio between February and April 2010.
Videos for each track were made and posted on the NoMen’s YOUTUBE channel.

Psycho Deli by The NoMen.
Psycho Deli by The NoMen (2010)

The album was a mix of obscure cover versions and a couple of ‘originals’. There is a vaguely psychedelic sixties feel to much of Psycho Deli and George NoMan had just read Julian Cope’s “Japrock Sampler” and was beginning to experiment with writing in the style of Les Raillizes DeNudes (or, as we later found out, blatantly copying Les Raillizes DeNudes!!!)

The above two videos show the influence of LRD on the 2010 NoMen.



The NoMen start 2011 with a BANG!

This will be the place to get new NoMen recordings, videos and downloads. There will also be an archive of past recordings! This site will be updated regularly (?)

This is the most recent NoMen recording; a version of Can’s Krautrock classic “Yoo Doo Right.” It was recorded on Monday January 24th 2011 with the current NoMen line-up of Jamie NoMan on Drums, George NoMan on guitar/vocals and Allan NoMan on bass. (Brian NoMan was otherwise engaged and was replaced by a look-a-like on Kaossilator and keyboards).
The video was shot the same night and transported back to 1970s Top of the Pops.

“Is Vic There?” was recorded by Allan, Brian, Jamie and George NoMan on 5th January 2011. The original song is by Department ‘S’ from about 1980. This video features Peter Wyngarde from the ‘real’ Department ‘S’ and a bunch of dancing ladies from Germany.

The NoMen tend to knock out their music and videos quickly but sometimes they slow down and take their time over a project! The music for this video started as a loose jam on January 5th with Brian playing drums and Jamie on guitar. Alan and George NoMan were on bass and guitar as usual. They realised there was something worth keeping and after a hearty meal of chicken adobo they re-recorded the track with George playing a Michael Rother (Neu) influenced riff over Jamie and Allan’s rhythm with Brian filling in the space with Kaossilator. Listening back it sounded good but it needed tightening up so Allan redid some of the bass parts and added some dub effects to the mix. For some bizarre reason somebody had mentioned robots while recording this track, so when it came to making a video, Robot costumes were made and an unlikely homage to Kubrik’s 2001 A Space Odyssey was created!

The Plot: Way back in the past the Topplers recording studio is being set up for a session. Strange messages come through the desk warning of a future Robot Attack. Studio engineers Jamie and George are not impressed but Allan NoMan is in a panic! A quick time splice and we are bang up to date. The Robots march towards the studio and burst into the control room. Lewis NoMan is in charge of the production but is unaware the Robots are attacking. Frantic messages are sent from the control room but it is too late; the robots have attacked. He is dead!
Allan NoMan is still frantically trying to summon help but the robots are in charge. He too dies a horrible death!
George NoMan has picked up the distress signal and is taking readings with his Geiger counter. Just as he realises that the earth is under attack he too is destroyed by a deadly robot ray!
The robots are now in charge and do their victory dance… Why did they invade the earth? Why attack Topplers studio? One robot show us why… they just wanted to play drums!!!
Another time splice and we are back in the past. A black hole sucks time into reverse and the robots leave! In a final scene reminiscent of John Fords classic film ‘The Searchers’, the door slams shut on our robot invaders and the Earth is safe… or is it?

The trailer for ‘Hal 2011’.

The video was filmed entirely on an iPhone using the 8mm Vintage Camera app! Costumes were purchesed from Poundland and Wilkinsons. Total budget approx £7.