Posted: August 11, 2016 in NoMen

A review of the free NoMen CD given away at the Fruits de Mer psychedelic festival…

the sunday experience

Ah the recent fruits de mer 14th dream goody bag, we didn’t quite get to mention all the freebie CD’s as hard as we tried, apologies to consterdine for missing the mentioning cut, fear not for mentions are being prepped for later in the week, likewise the NoMen whose ’20 golden greats’ has been hatching kaleidoscopic wormholes in our head space since arriving in the gaff, from that set by way of a teaser their weirdly woozy sonic interpretation of nick nicely’s ’49 cigars’ – in truth just has to be heard, essential trip out groove recorded a few years ago – earth year 2010 to be precise – best described as a dimensions warping psychedelic Floyd sonic spin dryer with added Barrett chemically cooked wigged out mind dyes.  

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  1. valis says:

    Essential listening! Hail The NoMen! !! -valis Trip Inside This House

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