2015 Analysis…


January  SPACE; recorded at the end of 2014 this space-age album popped out at the start of the year. Classic NoMen mix of weird space rock and sixties ‘Spotniks’ twang!
Jumping on the Facebook bandwagon of slowing songs down to last for hours we did the dirty to “The Greatest Punchline”  from last years ‘Milk Tray’ album and renamed it “The Longest Punchline!” Dreadful…

February – Live in the studio recordings of Hawkwind’s “Hurry on Sundown” and our own “Let’s Escape Reality”.

March – Started work on “The World According to Tony Day” for the Fruits de Mer Bowie cover version album “Fashion” released on CD in December.
Recorded a four track session for Flat Ed’s PopCast Radio Show.
Started work on the soundtrack to Dan Mudford’s film BD200. Various pieces we had recorded were used as a basis for this project which was eventually released on DVD in August this Year.

April – Billy NoMan joins the band on MOOG and other electronics.

May – The Glam Rock Years; The NoMen imagined themselves as an early seventies Glam Rock band for this seven track mini album.
Every Sound Has A Colour; an electronic soundtrack to an imaginary travelogue. Contains unused elements from Dan Mudford’s BD200 soundtrack.
https://youtu.be/OSIQ_iGUsdI     https://youtu.be/k8uGwNLWLP0

Interview with Flat Ed for his PopCast show. Broadcast in English and in a French translation.

July – Back to our roots by doing four  cover versions of The Cult Figures songs. Songs recorded ‘live’ with backing tracks and broadcast on YouTube.

August – Topplers records rerelease much of the Steve Treatment & NoMen recordings on a 20 track CD.

September – Wobble It!; a spontaneous EP of songs recorded by Allan & George NoMan while waiting for the rest of the band to appear! (track 4 is a space rock jam from the first session we recorded with Billy NoMan)
Don’t Throw The Monkey Through The Hoop”; revived this old George NoMan solo song with a new YouTube video.

OctoberIt’s Halloween Time; a spontaneous Garage Rock mini album with a horror/sci-fi/Halloween theme.
C-45. A 3 track cassette only EP.
Live version of “One Shot Rocket

November – “In The Computer”; inspired by the purchase of a Novation Circuit this is a sprawling “Rave” based instrumental with samples from The Stone Tapes.
COver version of “Path Through The Forest” on The Active Listeners Nuggets 2 compilation album.
Stuck loads of our back catalogue onto Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon etc for streaming…

DecemberKeep a Little Steve Up Your Sleeve; song and video. Our Annual collaboration on a Christmas record with Steve Treatment came to an end this year due to Steve’s untimely death. This is the NoMen’s tribute to the legend that was Steve Treatment.

If Not WHY, Then WHEN? The new album out soon…

Most of these can be heard on our BANDCAMP page

There might have been more that I’ve missed… plus there were the usual NoMen FM radio Shows on MixCloud

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