Teach Your Budgie To Talk…?

A new ‘expirimental’ track from a recent NoMen session. Jamie, Allan & George were jamming in a minimalistic dub style. The recording sounded good but was lacking in something… what it needed was a bit of Budgie!!!

A recent charity shop purchase of a ‘Teach Your Budgie to Talk’ instruction record was the perfect addition. This record , probably from the 1960s, features the very posh tones of a Mrs Williams reciting phrase after phrase in a repetitive fashion which you can play to your pet budgie in order to teach it to speak! It’s nuts… but quite relaxing. At the very end of the disc the budgie, called Sparkie, makes an appearance and things get sinister. Sparkie’s voice is a deep, Satanic growl and his recitation of complete nursery rhymes is frightening and unbelievavle!!!

Closer look at the sleeve notes gives us a clue as to Sparkie’s performance, “…Sparkie shows you how well your budgie could perhaps talk”. The use of ‘could‘ and ‘perhaps‘ makes me think that this is Mrs Williams herself doing a budgie impersonation!!!
The alleged ‘budgie’ talk is at the very end of the video.

Pretty Talk

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The NoMen

The NoMen are a band from Scotland who create original music influenced by the back catalogue of many genres...

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