NoMen activity in 2013

NoMen 2013
NoMen 2013

Glambience – CD album + video (on BandCamp and YouTube)
Squeakers soundtrack + video (video on YouTube)
Sloppy live video on You Tube (video on YouTube)
Horror Soundtrack (unreleased)
Ten Year Anniversary Box Set (Metal Box-Set sent out to friends and fans)
Talgarth Road 10th Anniversary re-release (limited CD release)
Xmas Video retrospective DVD (Sample on YouTube – DVD send as a Xmas card to friends and fans))
Ways to Annoy the Devil CD album + 3 videos (on BandCamp and YouTube)
NoMan’s Land CD album + video (on BandCamp and YouTube)
Split Cassette with Roscoe Vacant & Steve Treatment (on BandCamp and YouTube)
Halloween Video (video on YouTube)
War and Let’s Escape Reality videos (video on YouTube)
All Seeing Eye Video (video on YouTube)
Covers Project – 25 cover versions (mostly new recordings, some remixes of older tracks. On MixCloud)
Drone Video and Track (video on YouTube)
Deaux Marcels – track from forthcoming album curated by Jowe Head
NoMen FM radio shows #58 to #86
Basic tracks recorded for 1st album of 2014
…and possibly some other stuff we’ve forgotten about!

View Videos here

MixCloud – NoMen FM


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The NoMen

The NoMen are a band from Scotland who create original music influenced by the back catalogue of many genres...

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