The NoMen are Pirates

Aaaargh Jim Lad! Splice the mainbrace! Pieces of Eight!!!

The new NoMen album will be available on “The Blackest Day”, the day we celebrate the death of Captain Bartholemew Roberts (Black Bart) in 1722, the day that heralded the end of the ‘Golden Age’ of piracy on the high seas.

Tune in to tomorrow nights NoMen FM show to hear a few tracks and  check out our BandCamp page on Friday for a couple of pre-release free tracks.

The album will be available to order from Friday 10th and it comes in a suitably ‘piratey’ parchment sleeve sealed by the ring of ‘Black Bart’!

More details and pictures tomorrow…. me hearties!!!

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The NoMen

The NoMen are a band from Scotland who create original music influenced by the back catalogue of many genres...

2 thoughts on “The NoMen are Pirates”

  1. There’ll be no need for swabbin’ the poop deck, nor lowerin’ the main sail….just keep my tankard full o’ rum and we’ll away with this fantastic voyage yet again into the minds of The NoMen!

    Hail Black Bart! (…and all who sail with him.)

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