Jet Boy / Jet Girl

There is another new mix of music on the MixCloud NoMen FM show. There’s no real theme, just an unusual selection of unrelated discs! The show starts with a punk rock explosion with from Elton Motello, Steve Treatment and the Saints before mellowing out with Serge Gainsbourg’s masterpiece ‘Melody Nelson’. The next few records show how good session men can be! Session musicians often got the reputations of being talentless hacks but the Serge Gainsbourg, Tim Rose and Sixto Rodrigues tracks we play here are all lifted to a higher plane by the musicians. The band behind Tim Rose drive his murder ballad on to a frenzied climax with the drums and scratchy guitars punctuating and highlighting every twist in the tale; it puts the Bad Seeds tawdry version of the song to shame. Serge Gainsbourg’s band create a mind meltingly sparse funk; whoever arranged the bizzarre bassy orchestration deserves a medal. The players on Sixto Rodriguez’s ‘Cold Fact’ album never upstage the singer as he leads us through his downbeat vision of late sixties inner city America.
We play the original (?) and the best (!) version of Loiue Louie. There is late seventies power-pop, some rockabilly by female artists, some sixties  rock’n’pop and we present the five loudest, fuzziest most fearsome power chords in a folk rock song!!! (find them at the end of Alison Gross by Steeleye Span!)

Hear it here!

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The NoMen

The NoMen are a band from Scotland who create original music influenced by the back catalogue of many genres...

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