Girls in the Garage!

One of my favourite series of LPs is “Girls in the Garage” which were released by Romulan Records and featured a selection of sixties psychedelic, garage, beat and teenage angst all performed by GIRLS! Tonights NoMen FM show features many tracks from this collection and some other girlie classics from the sixties.

NoMen FM – Girls in the Garage

The show starts with the bizarre ‘Sock it to me!’ which was the theme to the US hit comedy show “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In” and there are snippets from the comedy show throughout our broadcast. The music starts in earnest with the classic ‘Tame me Tiger’ which is like ‘Wild Thing’ gone wild and originates from Holland of all places. We rock through various garage and pop gems which all should have been massive hits like the unbelievable ‘Nightmare’ by The Whyte Boots which has more angst in it’s three minutes than the Shangri Las put into their entire career! For out and out garage fuzz you cant beat Linda Gayle’s version of ‘Maggies Farm’ and for classic pop there doesn’t get much better then ‘Trains’ by the Mavericks or ‘7.00am’ by Jacquelin Taleb.
We end on the timeless, outright unmusical anomaly that is The Shaggs!

We’ve only scratched the surface of this genre so look out for another Girls in the Garage show in the near future… Sock it to me!!!

NoMen FM – Girls in the Garage

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