Happy New Year from The NoMen

Check out the NoMen playing live in Dusseldorf with guest vocals by Ralf Hutter from Kraftwerk!   It’s hard to believe this actually happened!

Last Radio Show of 2011

It’s been an amusing sideline for the NoMen to present their weekly show on MixCloud. Some shows have featured  new recordings by the band and some have just been an excuse for the various members to play their favourite records.

Check out the Christmas Top of the Pops show which features two new tracks by The NoMen including the full six minute version of Autobahn.

Todays show has no gimmix… just great music!

It starts with some 50s rock’n’roll including The Fire of Love by Jody Reynolds and Lee Hazelwoods first record The Fool. One of the worst records ever made was I Dig Rock and Roll Music by Peter, Paul and Mary which we play for your amusement (actually it’s one of the best records ever made!) There is recent stuff from PJ Harvey and Devandra Bernhardt, classic rock from The Dandy Warhols and Terence Trent D’Arby, and good old noise from Kleenex and World Domination Enterprises. Highlight of the show (and so good we play it twice!) is the gorgeous chilled out Rastfarian spiritual Amagideon by Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus!

Enjoy, and have a great New Year…

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The NoMen

The NoMen are a band from Scotland who create original music influenced by the back catalogue of many genres...

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