New Recordings and extended radio show!

The NoMen are heading for a meltdown as the end of year approaches! Last week they completed a selection of new recordings some of which can be heard on their current MixCloud Radio Show.

A few weeks ago we mentioned that the NoMen had been interviewed for “Trip Inside This House” a radio show on KDHX 88.1 broadcasting out of St Louis USA. The band had been asked for their top ten psychedelic songs and all four members chose their favourites… Jamie NoMan quite rightly chose EVERY TRACK from the KLF Chill Out album as his top ten! Although the intrviewer Valis played a couple of the tracks on his radio show the NoMen tried to play ALL their choices on MixCloud which turned into a two hour psychedelic spectacular which includes…
Caleb, The Holy Modal Rounders, The Nazz, Madonna, Neu, Lez Raillises DeNudes, The Cobblers, Psychic TV, KLF, The Stooges, Prince, The Music Machine, Miller and more more more!

The NoMen live radio session features Allan, Brian, George and Jamie NoMen blasting out cover versions of ‘That Man’ by The Small Faces, ‘Teen Angel’ by Donovan, ‘Nevertheless’ by The Ruttles and ‘Big Boy’ by Sparks.

Tune in here…

The Session tracks will be tidied up and released through BandCamp shortly.

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The NoMen

The NoMen are a band from Scotland who create original music influenced by the back catalogue of many genres...

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