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What is wrong in this picture?
What is wrong in this picture?

The latest instalment of the NoMen’s radio show on MixCloud is now available…


Keith Mansfield, Young Scene – a groovy 60’s opener

The Monks, Monk Time – An all time favourite garage chant!

The Rutles, I Must Be In Love. Chosen by Jamie NoMan who makes his first appearance on this show.

Anne Margaret, It’s A Nice World To Visit (But Not To Live In). Elvis’s soul mate teams up with Lee Hazelwood for a far out and fuzzy garage rock masterclass.

Half Man Half Biscuit, Joy Division Oven Gloves. Are these guys still around!!!

TonettA, Hot Little F**k. Jamie’s choice of obscure Canadian DIY disco.

The Ruts, In a Rut! You gotta gerrout of it!

The Stooges, Loose. The old ones are the best

Alan Vega, Speedway. Alan Vega’s fist solo album after Suicide is a minamilistic Rockabilly classic. Phil Hawk plays guitar like no-one else!

Julee Cruise, Falling. Twin Peaks ambient electro.

Joe Meek, I Hear a New World. Poor Joe’s space age magnum opus! Ridiculous and sublime!

Jowe Head, I Hear a New World/Enlightenment. Jowe Head covers Joe Meek then verges off into Sun Ra.

Billy Lee Riley, Flying Saucer Rock’n’Roll. Rockabilly classic

Johnny Burnette, Rock Therapy. More Rockabilly classic!

David Thomas and the Pedestrians, Bird Town Rough Trade. DT from Pere Ubu teams up with Richard Thompson and members of Henry Cow for a pseudo rock’n’roll stomp.

The Cramps, What’s Inside a Girl? Classic eighties Psychobilly.

Hershell Gordon Lewis, Get off the Road! Flip the Cramps 12″ to find their cover of this song from the shemale biker flick “She Devils on Wheels!”

Steve Treatment, Step Inside a Worn Out Shoe, Steve’s second 7″ single from 1978, and one of his best.

The NoMen, Are You Cunning. The NoMen’s version of one of Steve Treatments stranger songs…

The NoMen FM will be uploaded to Mixcloud every Thursday evening while our enthusiasm lasts. Keep checking out ‘Trip Inside This House’  for an excellent selection of psychedelic music. On the October 18th show Valis is playing some of the tracks the NoMen chose as their favourites… including the Godlike perfection of ‘Rock On’ by David Essex.

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The NoMen

The NoMen are a band from Scotland who create original music influenced by the back catalogue of many genres...

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