Greatest Hits Volume One!

More stuff from the archive. This was released in 2003 on a limited edition CD (I think there were only 50 made) and sent out to ‘fans’ of the band. At the time of it’s release IKEA were selling cardboard CD sleeves with a neat little pull out section. They obviously weren’t a big seller as they were in the sale at 50p for a packet of 10! I bought hundreds of them!!! Download HitsVol One!

Greatest Hits Volume 1

The NoMen’s Greatest Hits was packaged in the Ikea boxes with an A3 insert with pictures and a long essay detailing the history of the band and something about each song. When we distributed them we simply stuck an address label on the front, sealed it with a sticker, stuck on a stamp and posted it… Perfect!

These tracks show the NoMen at their innocent and enthusiastic best covering songs by Swell Maps, Steve Treatment, Cult Figures, TVP, O Level, Desperate Bicycles, Thomas Leer etc. Although primitively recorded the sound is vibrant and captures the moment perfectly! The band’s motto was “knock ’em out fast… they’re not meant to last!”

Download HitsVol One!

Contains 15 tracks and JPEG images of the information poster.

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The NoMen

The NoMen are a band from Scotland who create original music influenced by the back catalogue of many genres...

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