Ice Cream For Quo is an excellent magazine compiled by Stephen Fall. Issue 13 (December 2010) featured a free CD compilation by the NoMen called “NoMen-clature”

If you don’t have an Ice Cream for Quo then get one here!

DOWNLOAD “NoMen-Clature”

The compilation features tracks from the NoMen’s first album in 2003 right through to tracks from their newest ‘Adobo á Gogo’ album from 2010.

DOWNLOAD “NoMen-Clature”

NoMenClature Tracklisting…

1 I am the Son of Phones Sportsman 01:52
“A tribute to my father Phones telling the true story of my upbringing”. George NoMan wrote this back in 2003 when we started doing Swell Maps cover versions. In 2008 we actually got involved in collaborating with Phones and rerecorded this song for a split 7″ single on Topplers. The Phones Sportsman track was called “I am the Dad of George NoMan” and is available on his “May Contain Nutters” album.
2 We are the Wurm 04:08
Brian Noman’s Ringo moment! A strange tale and an intriging insight into his mind…
3 Yimmo 00:51
Ah, Jap Rock! so much to answer for… George Noman is in love with Mizutani, but dont tell anyone.. This is the shortest, and fastest, of three versions of this song that the NoMen have recorded recently.
4 The Evil That Men Do 03:34
‘All Tomorrows Parties’ for the Slowdive set…
5 We Are The Pages 05:32
Allan Noman lays out the law according to an obscure Glasgow band called The Pages. [original song by The Pages]
6 Object 03:00
Jamie Noman is a one man Ween obsessive and will tell the whole world of their genius (even though he is much better!)
[original song by Ween]
7 Germonia 04:04
Klaus Dinger and Micheal Rother are gods.. nuff said!
8 Release The Natives 04:05
Lewis Noman feels the call of the jungle and so should you..
[original song by Mark Perry/ATV]
9 49 Cigars 03:44
English psych done by Jocks.. Of course he loves it..
[original song by Nick Nicely]
10 I Don’t Want My Little Baby Back 02:32
The Wurzels always had a psychedelic edge. It just took a while to find it..
[original song by Steve Treatment]
11 Fast Wrist 04:42
The Monkees “Head” soundtrack is to blame for this Steve Treatment beauty
[original song by Steve Treatment]
12 Cheap Cheep 01:14
I got my eye on you rumproast….
[original song by Lally Scott]
13 Shoehorn 02:34
Billy and George Noman intone over Allans Super Glitterbeat! Taking it back for the Kids… [original song by Jowe Head]
14 I Hate Reunions 01:55
Black Sabbath meets the Cocteau Twins Uptown…
[original song by Steve Treatment]
15 Don’t Worry 09:04
Of course our favourite Beatle has always been Yoko Ono…
War is over if you want it….

notes by Spike Dinger, Topplers Archives


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The NoMen are a band from Scotland who create original music influenced by the back catalogue of many genres...

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